Our Story

Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step to discovering a faster, less painful way to heal naturally After your Tat!

My name is Stan Weatherby. My better half, CJ, and I are the creators of this remarkable skin care lotion. We’ve been using natural products and remedies our whole lives so we’re excited about  AfterTat!

We’ve both had a passion for staying healthy our whole lives. Lifting weights and playing sports was part of everyday life for me. My lifestyle launched me into body building where I spent years learning about natural ingredients from trainers, nutritionists and my sponsor, Twin Labs. I also learned a lot about chemical ingredients after three decades of owning companies in technology, chemical blending, cleaning products and formula development. My understanding of both has made me a believer in the power of natural products!

CJ has spent decades in no only the medical and dental industry but has spent nearly her whole life showing, training and competing horses in several disciplines. She’s witnessed countless injuries and wounds in all these fields and the results in healing using both pharmaceutical drugs and natural remedies. CJ focuses on performance for humans and horses using natural ingredients and therapies that prevent injury and disease as a CESMT (Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist). Her understanding of healing using pharmaceutical vs natural ingredients has made her a believer in the power of nature as well.

Designing this skincare formula was a “light bulb” moment in 1998 when I got my first ‘tat.’ I remember the painful shadowing process and the frustration during the next few days of my aftercare! The uncomfortable healing process kept me thinking, “There must be a better way to not only tolerate the lengthy tattoo process but to recover more quickly with less pain!” I followed my aftercare instructions meticulously, but ultimately, I was back in the artist’s chair redoing lines lost after slight scabbing with healing. More time and money was spent. A tattoo is an open wound. Finding a product made of natural ingredients for this type of wound was difficult. The quest for a natural solution was obvious. The ‘seed’ to create my own lotion was born!

CJ and I enjoy being able to give. Proceeds of each can sold go towards helping a natural cancer fighting charity to help raise awareness for holistic treatments. We’re strong advocates of living ‘green,’ the protection of animals and our environment! This product reflects this philosophy.

Developing products that provide optimal health and wellness the natural way is our highest priority. Treat yourself to something truly amazing for your skin!

CJ and I are excited to have you as a customer of our products and we know you will be extremely happy with AfterTat!

- Stan Weatherby -