AfterTat in Action

Results may vary based on your skin type and the many internal and external factors of your category. AfterTat products are designed to perform comparably on nearly all skin types.

5 Seconds AfterTat

This picture was taken seconds after my tat was complete. During the first 30 minutes of this 4 hour session, my artist used his traditional ‘glide.’ I had him switch to using AfterTat for the remainder of the sitting. Once done, there was only very mild redness and heat. Mild swelling only occurred on the lower part of my hand.

40m AfterTat

This photo was taken approximately 40 minutes after leaving the tattoo studio. AfterTat was applied at 10-15 minute intervals. What little swelling there was on the lower portion of my hand had completely disappeared and all redness faded to light pink. ZERO pain! Only felt slight heat generated by my body from the healing process.

24 Hours AfterTat

During the first 24 hours I applied a light layer of AfterTat every 30-60 minutes gently working it into my skin. Before bedtime, I applied a thick layer of AfterTat and left it uncovered. This is a very sensitive part of the body for any artwork and the first time I’ve left a new tattoo uncovered!

48 hours AfterTat

Healing after 48 hours of applying AfterTat.    NO scabbing, NO plasma, NO swelling, NO pain, NO heat! The most sensitive areas were slightly pink and there was minimal flaking in the heavy shadowed areas, which easily sloughed off each time I washed. By day 5, ALL areas looked as though I had my tat for weeks!!