How to apply AfterTat

Not every tattoo or skin type is the same. Skin types are determined by genetics. There are sixteen healthy skin types under six basic categories. Each type can vary within each group due to internal and external factors. Helping your skin heal in a natural way is our mission. Our directions are meant only as a ‘guide’ to assist you in determining your own optimum moisture and comfort level for each tattoo.

The unique blend of ingredients in AfterTat increases healing, reduces swelling and redness and fights infection while nourishing and protecting your skin!

During Your Tat:
Using AfterTat while getting ‘inked’ or tattooed has its advantages! Having your artist apply AfterTat in place of the cream or ‘glide’ he or she is currently using will ease the discomfort and fight the swelling of getting tattoo work, especially in sensitive areas.
When the tattoo process becomes too painful, have your artist stop momentarily, clean the area and reapply AfterTat. Allow approximately 5 minutes before your artist begins again. (Apply more after 5 minutes IF needed and resume artwork).
After your Tat is complete, you can choose to follow your artist’s recommendations for care and covering for your tat or leave your new artwork uncovered and follow the guidelines below. **Remember: a new Tat is an open wound and subject to infection! Keep your artwork clean and free of debris!**

Uncovered Tat
Apply AfterTat liberally to your new artwork before you leave the studio. Apply a thin layer of lotion every 30-45 minutes to your skin. Gently rub lotion in allowing it to absorb. Do this for the first 3-4 hours. After 3-4 hours, gently wash your tat with cold water and a fragrance-free soap. Reapply every 30-45 minutes until bedtime. Before bedtime, gently wash area again. Apply a liberal amount on tattoo and surrounding area. When you wake, wash area with cold water and fragrance-free soap. Apply AfterTat every hour or as needed.

**Always be aware of any heat you feel from your new tattoo and apply AfterTat when this occurs. Heat is the result of your body sending blood cells to the wound area. If hot temperatures continue, an infection may occur causing other symptoms. Apply AfterTat as needed for the next 3-4 days. Remember, you may apply more often or more liberally if your skin heats up, becomes inflamed, dries out, swells or itches.**

Covered Tat:
Follow your artist’s recommendations for covering your artwork. Once uncovered and washed with cold water with fragrance-free soap, apply AfterTat every 45-60 minutes or as needed for the first 48 hours. During the next week, apply every 1-2 hours.

Aftercare: The first 1-3 days after getting your tattoo are critical for proper care. AfterTat may be applied more liberally in some cases than others. If your ‘Tat’ continues to have heat, redness or swelling, apply another thin layer of lotion. You cannot over saturate your ‘Tat’ with moisture. AfterTat is formulated to absorb into the skin with a ZERO oily feeling.

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