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About AfterTat

Keep your work of art looking NEW!

You took the time to envision your tattoo or ‘Tat.’ You thought about its meaning, decided on its size and shape, helped design it. You spent hours watching your work of art become a permanent reflection of importance on your skin..
but did you consider how you’ll be protecting your Tat long After it’s done?

AfterTat is designed specifically to heal, protect and preserve your tattoo. This unique blend of ingredients helps repair your breached skin caused by tattoo needles while it aids in fighting infection. It contains powerful protection against harmful effects of the sun and soothing hydration to nourish your skin. This non-greasy, fast-absorbing formula is gentle enough for daily use and with long-term use, will keep your canvass looking new!

Nourish and Protect

AterTat contains a unique blend of nourishing ingredients designed to protect and preserve your tattoo, keeping your work of art vibrant and your canvas healthy!

About Our Ingredients

For All Skin Types

Every skin type is different. Our unique blend of ingredients are designed to meet the needs of nearly every skin type.

Gluten Free

AfterTat products are gluten free. We only include the best ingredients for your skin and tattoo. Protein by-products found in wheat, barley, rye, and other grains do not provide any necessary benefits for your canvas and can potentially cause skin irritations during your healing process, such as rashes, itching, etc.

Fragrance Free

A fragrance-free product is a less toxic product!                       Our intention is to never damage or harm your skin. Perfumes contain many unknown toxic chemicals which can lead to allergic reactions, skin irritations and trigger even greater health hazards causing respiratory and sinus conditions. We eliminate any additional fragrances.

Softens, Nourishes and Protects

Keeping your skin soft, well nourished and protected in your daily routine and specifically during the healing phases of your tattoo are the key to longer lasting, more vibrant tattoos. Our formula contains ingredients achieving all of this and more!

Cruelty Free

All our ingredients are manufactured by methods that do not involve the testing on or experimentation of animals!

Paraben Free

Knowing all the differences between natural and artificial preservatives can be a difficult task. No worries! We’ve done the research for you. Artificial preservatives can cause severe skin irritations, allergic reactions and even elevate your skin’s cellular level when exposed to UV. AfterTat products contain remarkable and natural antiviral, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Without these, certain water-based formulas could spoil losing beneficial properties and become susceptible to bacteria, fungi and viruses.

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I have been a Tattoo Artist for 11 years and have never seen anything work like AfterTat

- Kelly Dennie -